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ChurchZAP is powerful software you can use to manage contacts, track attendance, facilitate communication, and much more. Our system is both turn-key, and yet flexible enough to do what you want.

Plus, as a registered church, your members get FULL access to all the cutting-edge classes and tools available from the ministry of FAST. Let us help transform your church into a true training center!

ZAP is a cloud-based service, so you can give any leader with an internet connection access to just the tools they need. We keep your software current and working. You just login and go!
   ZAP is a mobile-ready platform. Use your desktop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. The display adapts to your device to give you the information you want, in seconds. Log in any time, anywhere.
   ZAP is a full-featured suite of tools you can use to improve how your church operates: newsletters, church directory, attendance reports, event calendars, mail labels, and much more.
   ZAP is a growing community of churches striving for excellence in ministry. Share tips & ideas with fellow church leaders from around the world. Explore and discover the nearly limitless possibilities of our software.

To learn more about the features in ChurchZAP or to signup, click here.
To check out our demo site, and give ChurchZAP a try, click here.


Powerful, turn-key admin tools
for 21st century churches!

Online Directory
Attendance Tracking
Event Calendar
Church Communication
Training Classes
Discipleship Tools
And much more...

Demo Site

Check out our demo site,
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