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Every church using ChurchZAP is registered as a branch Training Center with FAST. That means those who attend your church can get access to all FAST's cutting-edge tools and training.

Here are some of the classes currently available.Pause your mouse over a class title, for a brief description:

Discipleship Certfication
Crash Course1 lesson   
Survival Kit5 lessons   
Explosion Formula1 lesson   
Basic Training9 lessons   
FAST Leadership1 lesson   
Team Tactics9 lessons   
Advanced Certification
Reclaim the Word1 lesson   
Jump Start7 lessons   
Power in Prayer7 lessons   
Mighty in the Word7 lessons   
Down to Business7 lessons   

Leadership Certification
Master Plan8 lessons   
For Such a Time7 lessons   
Moral Machinery7 lessons   
Holy Spirit4 lessons   
The Box4 lessons   
Laws of Life10 lessons   
True Education8 lessons   

Bible Worker Certification
First Steps3 lessons   
FAST Facts9 lessons   
More FAST Facts9 lessons   
Prophetic Facts9 lessons   
Protestant Challenge1 lesson   
Prophetic Cover-Up1 lesson   

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