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Demo Site

Want to see ChurchZAP in action? Allow us to introduce you to Demo City.

Demo City is a fictional small church with a membership of about 40 people, and an average attendance about that same number--including several regular guests. The church is subdivided into three areas, each under an elder.

Demo City has been using the default ChurchZAP setup for about three months and is starting to see some positive results.

Login as the pastor or one of the local elders, and see what tools are available to them. You can view things in both desktop and mobile versions. You may also wish to logout and see what visitors have access to.

Pastor View
The pastor is Paul Damascus. Click here to see his view:


Member View
Sam Smith is the Elder for Area 2. Here is his view:



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Discipleship Tools
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Demo Site

Check out our demo site,
and give it a spin...

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