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Here are some youtube videos we have collected at North Aurora you might like to watch.

Here's some videos about Adventists

Who are Seventh-day Adventists?
This sermon by pastor Doug Batchelor introduces the Seventh-day Adventist Church, their beliefs and a bit about their origins.
Adventist Education
This video is a brief introduction to the importance and advantages of Adventist education. Please contact us for more information about education your child.

Here's some videos about our beliefs

The Truth about Death
Ever wanted to know what happens at death? Here's a great little video that helps to explain it all...
The Truth about Grace
Did Jesus do away with the moral law? If so, are Christians free to sin? This short video helps explain the relationship between Law and Grace.
The Truth about Heaven
Would you like to live in a perfect society? Well, there is a UTOPIA where humans can travel to and live, it is a real place. Find out how to get your passport to this paradise today.
The Truth about Hell
Hell is a "Hot" topic these days. Does God burn people in the flames of hell forever? Find out in this interesting video.
The Truth about God's Law
Is God's law still important? Or was God's law nailed to the cross--and can be freely ignored. Here's a great video on the topic...
The Truth about the Sabbath
Here's a nice video exploring the real meaning and origin of the Lord's Day. From Creation to the Cross and beyond.

Here are some vimeo videos we have collected at North Aurora you might like to watch.

The Creation
This video is a day-by-day account of the biblical creation week, beginning with darkness before God created light and ending with Moses, the author of the Genesis account of creation, and his son, worshipping God on the seventh-day Sabbath.

Little Light Studios
Here are some videos from Little Light Studios you might like to watch.

James Bond
Ian Fleming's James Bond is a slave to sin. He is an alcoholic, gambler, professional assassin, and reckless in his behavior. In short he's not the best role model for men. But many live their lives vicariously on screen through this character.
AD the Bible
Is the new bible series AD the Bible continues just a subtle way to promote error?
The Magic Kingdom
Disney is marketed as family friendly. Princesses are very appealing to young girls and aim to be role models. But what messages is Disney promoting and even other cartoons? Is mixing of magic and teaching to do away with the law Biblical?
Exodus: God's and Kings
How is the character of God and His servant portrayed? How is the parting of the Red Sea explained or the plagues? What does Ridley Scott believe about the miracles and biblical account of these events? How does Christian Bale describe Moses? These questions answered and more.
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games are Mocking God.
The Lego Movie
Who hasn't played with Legos? I think its safe to say "Everyone". That is precisely why the subtle underlined theme of this movie is so dangerous for your Christian faith. Seeds of error are being planted in many unsuspecting children and adults. The Lego Movie makes God out to be the villain and promotes a disregard for "following the instruction manual" (i.e. the Bible). Don't let Hollywood dismantle your picture of God. God is love and our way of loving Him back is to follow his instructions.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan's Dark Origins: A Place Your Child's Eye's Should Never Land.
The Sims
Are you playing the Sims? Or is a darker force playing with you?


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